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What They Said

Over the years I've heard wonderful things spoken about our displays. Here are a few of my favorite memories about what people say. Please send us your favorite quotes and we'll add them to our list:

"May I see how you've build the framework? I'm an engineer."

"I just love the different ways people see the birth of Jesus."

"Thank you for brining this to our community. It means so very much that you share it without charging."

"This is my Christmas. I needed this. Thank you."

"May I sit for a little while and pray?"

"I'm coming back tonight and bringing my mother." (A 4 year old child)

"Pastor, I love it, but it's too muuuch. I can't see it all!" (Spoken in a heavy German accent.)

"Could you please tell me about this one?"

My favorite of all time: "OH MY"

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