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About Us

We are the only Nationally Based Creche Society in the United States

Our organization is dedicated to these core principles:

  • To learn more about the creche tradition: how it developed, and how it is expressed in our own and other cultures.

  • To make better known the tradition of the creche.

  • To serve as a source of information about creches.

  • To encourage artists to create creches.

  • To promote creche exhibits.

  • To establish relationships with creche associations in other countries.


Our Story

Since 2001, when we became a non-profit organized in Bethlehem, PA, we have been meeting annually to share our common love of the art of the Creche.  Learning, growing, and keeping the traditions and history of the Nativity, Belen, Nacimento, Krippen, (through its various forms and cultures) has been our sincere pleasure.  

Meet The Team


Shelly Crespo - Chair for 2023 D.C. Convention

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