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Our Board

Our Friends of the Creche Board are 100% Volunteers from across the United States and Canada.  We are all dedicated to  maintaining our core goals of promoting, displaying, and encouraging artists, to promote the art of the Creche in all its various forms.  



Thanks to COVID-19 many of our meetings have moved to an online format in recent years.  This reduces our need to travel as often since we are many miles apart It also improves our ability to cover important and time  Thanks to these dedicated people, we have reached across the vast expanses of geography and focused on our mutual love,.  Through their efforts we show, tell, and furthering the nativity culture created over 20 years ago.  

May 2020 Board Meeting
Fr Roten #41

Interested in Joining our Board?

Board members may nominate themselves.  They must have at least 2 year of involvement in Friends of the Creche and have attended a Convention or Annual meeting.  

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