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National Conventions and Meetings

Friends of the Creche holds an annual meeting on even-numbered years and a convention on odd-numbered years. Our 2023 Convention will be very exciting in Washington, D. C.!

White House Nativity.jpg

This year's convention is in Washington D. C, December 6 - 9.  It will be amazing with a host of exciting activities, including:

  • Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land of America tour and nativity collection

  • Festival of Lights display and nativity collection

  • Washington National Cathedral nativity collection 

  • John Paul II Cultural Center

  • Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception

  • Bible Museum

  • Monuments by Moonlight

Thank you to Carol Williams for a fabulous meeting!


Looking back on the 2022 Annual meeting of FOTC it's hard to say anything except "DESPITE IT ALL - it was a success!!"

Hurricanes, pandemics, turmoil in the the political world, rising prices of gas, shortage of rental cars, and well . . . those can't stop us!!!

Carol Williams did a fantastic job as our Host!  With her ever-present Terry by her side, a strong confidence in the quality of her program, and the solid support of our Board, yes, it was successful.

More pictures will follow with some write ups from some of those that attended.  

Quotes from some of the attendees:  "Awesome job!"  "Wonderful experience."  "Loved it all."  "Great to see friends and meet new ones."  "I liked the smaller attendance. It gave us more time to interact and meet people." 

Thanks Carol!

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