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What Spurred Your Interest in the Nativity?

Michael Whalen - July, 2019

Many of us love, collect, and have a great interest in the nativity tradition. I would like to find out more about when (about what age) and what caused people to have that interest.

Was it someone you knew that had a creche set, one in your local church, a vacation during which a more unusual set got us going on this collecting road etc.? Perhaps it was a gift given to us where we felt obligated to add figures over the years. Please tell me. I am sure some of our other members would be interested to hear as well.

Our parish had this old plaster set with a wooden stable made in Germany. I loved to visit and study it and then determined I needed to have one of my own. That summer my Godfather who bundled newspapers for a living and did carpentry as a sideline agreed to build me this stable which I still have.

The figures were from the local five and dime.

What is your story?

Since it was my idea, I will go first.

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