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Helen's Many Gifts

A Photo Blog by Helen Holder

Gifts—Helen Holder If you are a collector, you will get gifts. Some are new nativity sets given for an occasion like your birthday or Christmas, but others are given for other reasons. Here is a stone made into a pendant for me because the givers thought they could see a nativity scene in the swirls. Obviously, I have gotten them indoctrinated into looking for nativities wherever they go.

Your church has bought a new set? Give the 40 year old set to Helen! The figures are about two feet tall and show the wear and tear of being put out at Christmas every year. That closest shepherd has no flute or hands. Other figures have chips and dings. The giver said I could repair them, but I choose to let the history show.

A person getting ready for a move decided to unload a plastic canvas kit someone had given her years before: “You can finish it!” It looks like it was designed by 3 different people, but it all came in one kit.

Other gifts have been cobbled together from many sets, child-made, found in parent’s attics and picked up at garage sales. I accept them all and the stories that come with them.

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