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D. C. Convention Highlights

This was our first December gathering of the Friends of the Creche, the first D.C. Convention, the first convention to be moving so often, the first convention not to feature vendors (there were plenty of gift stores), the first convention "post-covid," and the first convention under the leadership of Shelly Crespo and company. There were many firsts!

*Board Members arrived early at the historic Mayflower Signature Hotel, and jumped right into action - No Time for pictures!

*Wednesday morning – the lull before the storm – of busses (this was our first convention centered around moving 160 people from place to place).  Things went mostly smoothly. 

*Touring homes – Jim Govan (Board members only) and Laura Kirkconnell’s collections.

*Abundantly filled tote bags and name wallets included a beautiful ornament were handed out to all the registered attendees.

*Our first bus tour began with a Monuments by moonlight tour stopping at the National Mall, Washington monument, Lincoln Memorial, and the National Christmas tree.

*Loading Buses – Chaos Contained by flag bearers and hosts.

*Thursday morning Annual Meeting showcased our Board Members in their various roles -answering a few questions and closed by our President on her last official action of her tenure - THANKS SYDNE. And a new Board Chair named - Michele Devitt. Her first action as President.

*Guest speakers, Jem Sullivan, Father Grenier, and Lori Amos began the Convention in the 800th Anniversary of St. Francis' nativity display in Greccio, Italy.

*Thursday Afternoon tours – Franciscan Center with lunch on the bus-another first.

*Margrettte Sullivan’s Collection at the Center was received well.

*The Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception was next on our busy Afternoon.

*National Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Dinner, Concert, Nativity Display and light Show.

Guest Speakers and then busses and box lunches again as we headed to the National Cathedral

AND MORE NATIVITIES!! Thanks Lori Amos and her "Crechettes" (aka helpers).

And then - yep - back to the busses and off to the National Museum of the Bible with SIX FLOORS AND YES - MORE NATIVITIES!!!

AND THEN - the mad dash by the Board and D.C. Event team to prepare the Banquet, Live Auction, Banner Presentation, Speakers, Carol Singing.

And then, the biggest of all firsts perhaps....

We visited the White House to see...NATIVITIES OF COURSE!

Thank you Francis for inspiring Friends of the Creche. Your first became our inspiration.

Phots by Brian Smith, Neil and Nora Allen.

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