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Covid-19 and Newport, RI

Will Covid 19 effect the Annual Meeting in Newport, RI, December 3-5, 2020?

We all that the December meeting will proceed. The local hosts have planed a full and enriching program which will make the most of this wonderful location.

However, both those in Newport and the Friends of the Creche Board of Directors are monitoring the conditions in Rhode Island.

Please know that we will follow the advice of public health authorities and will make an adaptions necessary for the safety of all attendees. Should it become necessary to cancel the December meeting, we ill notify you as soon as possible with the information you will need to minimize any loss for hotel deposits, meals, travel, and your Annual Meeting Registration.

Please look for news later in the summer in the Blow of as well as updates via email.

For any questions or concerns, contact the FOTC President, Sydne, Yanko-Jongbloed


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