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Board Meeting Bullet Points

  1. 17 members of the board were present. Marguerite Sullivan was welcomed as a new member

2.    A committee was formed to look at revising the bylaws to conform to current practices.

3.    The 2020-2021 budget was approved.

4.     There will be a year-long trial of using Square for credit card payments to FOTC.

5.     FOTC has 337 members. Consider giving gift memberships as Christmas presents!

6.      Plans for the 2021 Portland Convention continue. August 1, 2021 will be the cutoff for any cancellation decisions.

7.      After November 27, 2020 check out  for a virtual sharing of nativities.

8.      Officers of the board were elected: President Sydne-Yanko-Jongbloed, Vice President Michele Devitt, and Secretary Helen Holder.

9.      Sydne Yanko-Jongbloed has been asked to sit on Un Foe Prae’s committee. (the European equivalent of FOTC)

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