Mosaic Creation
Featured in the Latest Creche Herald

devitts mosaic.jpg

This mosaic created by Michele Devitt (FOTC Board Member) was created about 10 years ago when she worked as an art teacher in a local school near her Ohio home.  Michelle explained, "Each year I created a piece of art out of cut glass.  This one is opaque glass attached to a plywood base using thin set and grouting.  The glass is shaped with various tools from scraps and bits."  She also explained that the stable portion was cut intentionally, as were the bricks, but the other pieces were randomly cut and arranged into the pattern you see above.  She used a sharpie for the facial features of Mary and Joseph.  

The set is @ 36"x20" and quite stunning as a display piece, but even better knowing she used it as a teaching tool.  

Good job Michele!

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