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Helen Holder July, 2019

Open houses began with friends, expanded to the public on a set day and then to bus tours whenever the ACVB schedules them. People can schedule “private” tours, too. Children are welcome. There are sets that they can be directed to that are child-friendly and I have prepared “scavenger” hunt cards as an activity.

We have not experienced theft or damage.

Children are welcome

People are allowed to wander around the 5 rooms at their own pace, but Bill and I circulate to answer questions and tell stories about some sets. We have not experienced either theft or damage. I do not have many very expensive sets, but those that are more valuable are placed farther out of reach to avoid accidents. I have a fine arts rider on our household insurance in case of breakage (or theft).

What if a baby Jesus gets stolen and He can’t be replaced? I would be sad, of course, but many of the sets I have from people down-sizing or from antique stores are actually mismatched as pieces got lost or broken and replaced. One set given to me has a home-made angel, 2” Japanese wisemen, a Japanese papier-maché donkey (mended), a 5” Italian Mary, a tiny ceramic dog, a metal camel and a Hong Kong stable. Another Jesus could stand in for the lost in that same tradition.

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