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New Benefits to Being a Member

Paid members of Friends of the Creche are in a for a treat! We have added a bunch of new benefits on our web site that are available only to you! You should have received an email with details, but I'll post them here just in case. (If you didn't see an email on May 13, please check your junk/spam folder.)

At our May 4th Nativities with Friends: an Online Gathering meeting, I announced a new membership benefit – special web content available only to our paid members!  These special web pages include:

  • Creche Herald Archive – a digital collection of CH issues.  This is a work in progress, but eventually we will have every issue available online!

  • Virtual Nativity Displays – when you can’t wait for November or December to get your nativity fix!

  • Nativities with Friends: an Online Gathering. You can watch video recordings of past gatherings, including the one on May 4th!

  • Members in the News – news stories featuring Friends of the Creche members and their collections.

If you are a paid FOTC members, here is how to access your member pages:

  1. Go to our website,, and click “Members Area” in the top, right corner.  On the Member Benefits page, click the button corresponding to the content you want to see.

2. Note that you will need to create a password the first time you log in.   We have already created an account for you based on the email address you gave with your FOTC membership, but you will need to create a password the first time you log in.  You can create your password in one of two ways:

  • On the Log in screen, enter your email address and click “Forgot password”.  This will take you through the process of creating a password.

  • Or, when your account was created, you should have received a cryptic email from “Friends of Creche” with the subject “Create Your New Password”. It looks like this:

Click Create New Password in this email, and you can create your password on the website.  (We know that this email is confusing, coming to your without any context or even identifying our website. The email is created and sent automatically from the web site, and we have no control over it. If I could have made this better, I would have!)

If you are NOT a paid FOTC member, here is how to access your member pages:

Join Friends of the Creche! For a small annual fee of $35, you get all of this, plus the quarterly Creche Herald newsletter mailed to your home, and the opportunity to attend amazing bi-annual conventions with other people who love nativity sets as much as you do!

Go here for all the details and to join (you know you want to!):

Have fun with all that new member-only content!

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