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Oh, the People You Will Meet

By Helen Holder - Friends of the Creche Secretary

Come to an FOTC meeting and you will definitely meet other nativity lovers. You might also get to meet an artist.

At the 2017 meeting, I met calligrapher Carol J. Haile. In the silent auction, I was the successful bidder for her book The Christmas Story. The story is the Biblical one with pictures set in Amish farmland by Freiman F. Stoltzfus.

I display the book on nativity throws on the guest room bed, open to the picture of the family in the barn.

Visitors to the open house are invited to leaf through the book to enjoy the pictures of Mary and Elizabeth working on a quilt; the shepherds and their sheep; the three wisemen bringing a Bible box, an orange and a quilt, and a basket of food; Anna and Simeon; people in the meeting house for the presentation of Jesus; and others.

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