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Friends of the Creche Board Meeting Highlights

On Monday, May 11th, the FOTC Board moved into the 21st century with our very first Zoom meeting.

Streaming in from the beach in Florida to the frozen tundra of Minnesota, board members from coast to coast, north and south gathered electronically to conduct the important business of our beloved organization.

Some of the bullet points from the meeting:

Evaluation of the 2019 Convention in Santa Fe.

Key things to remember for the Portland Convention in 2021

The Upcoming RI meeting in December of this year (13 registrations currently)

Achieve files at the University of Dayton

By-law updates

2022 Meeting site and leadership

Reports from our Webpage, Creche Herald, and Facebook team were received.

And much, much more.

The larger portion of the meeting centered around the many issues centered on the Pandemic. With many things still up in the air, the Board opted to keep moving forward, but also acknowledged a need for a statement to be included in our registration form. While that work continues, many expressed their joy of being able to engage each other, but. also our concern for the events we have planned for this winter and beyond.

As you can see above, many of us are still in the creative phase of making new nativities. This was the start of Michelle Devitt's nativity..

And here is a second pic:

Michelle said, "This nativity will be auctioned at the 2021 Portland Convention."

My appeal to all of our members and friends is to reach out to our Board members in gratitude for the thoughtful and challenging work they are doing.

For a complete list, go to our membership page.

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