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Asking for a Friend

Recently we've been doing some research on some OLD nativities. One from Italy and the second from Germany.

They both present numerous questions. How old are these? Who made them? Where were they purchased?

Here's a note and some pictures from Charles Hull (one of our faith FOTC members).

I am asking if the following information can be placed on the FOTC Web Site so that I might get any feedback on a particular nativity set.

This nativity, believed to be nearly 100 years old includes the paper mache hollow figures beautifully painted.  All that remains of the Baby Jesus is the head, which is believed to be wax.  The set includes: Mary, Joseph, Jesus (head only), 3 wise men, 3 shepherds with sheep on shoulders, donkey, oxen, 5 camels, dog, 6 small sheep, 4 medium sheep, and 20 larger sheep.  Some sheep are covered in a wool like cloth.  Most figures are stamped “Germany”.  Pictures attached.

Thank you for any information you can forward to me.

Charles Hull


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