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Write a Blog Post for Us

A blog is information for a website often written in a diary-style entry.

To write a blog about one of your nativities here are a few questions to get started.

What is the title of this nativity?

Example - Pictured above: "Resting Joseph"

Where/how did you get it?

Example - San Antonio de Iburra, Ecuador

Who is the artist or was it manufactured?

Example - Pedro Arias

What country was it made in?

Example - Ecuador - this answer is contained above - so you could leave out a question if it does not apply.

What materials is it made of?

Example - An unidentified South American Wood

What size is it?

Example - 12"X9" - I could have easily left this detail out due to the picture of the artist holding the set tells the detail perhaps better than a measurement.

What are some unique features of this nativity?

Example: Joseph is supporting the family with the help of the donkey. He shows his own need for rest, even while doing his part - this is rare in depictions of the nativity.

What makes it special to you?

Example - It took nearly 7 years and three searches in Ecuador to find this artist and make the purchase.

Any other information you want to share about it?

Example - Of the many artists in San Antonio de Ibbara, Ecuador, Pedro is, in my humble opinion, the master. My frist trip into his shop was in 2019 where I found him a bit off the city square, mentoring other artists, and running a little shop. In 2023 when I was able to return, he had moved to be part of the main studio (likely due to the pandemic), giving him more area to share his massive collection of carvings.

Take a few pictures of your nativity, possibly some close-ups of any unique figures or features.

Example: shown above - Featured below is the studio workers assisting the master carver. Keep in mind Michele has giving you a starting point. Feel free to provide the best pictures that tell the story you want to share.

Using a cell phone with an additional lamp for lighting or near a window for natural light usually produces a good photograph.

Example - Again, this does not immediately address Michele's suggestion, but does show the skill of the artist.

Email your blog to

Michele Devitt and Neil Allen

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