• Neil Allen

Wood Tartan

I found a lady who lives in Scotland who makes nativity sets customized with family tartans. I wrote to her and said I wanted a set dressed in the Wood tartan, if one existed. She told me she would research it.

Sure enough the Wood tartan exists but is very rare and her supplier didn’t have any of the material.  

She tried 3 suppliers before she found one with a mill that could supply it. It was in the Orkney Islands north east of the Scottish mainland. Of course the material had to be woven especially for this project. It is beautiful and I so appreciate the perseverance of the lady who kept trying to find a supplier.

You see the final project turned out perfect. The tartan and tweed materials are 100% wool. The set is sitting on the extra tartan material sent by the lady who crafted the set. Will definitely make a good story to go with the set.

Barbara Olson (Board Member/Nominating Team leader FOTC)

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