• Neil Allen

Why you should attend the 2021 FOTC Convention

#25. The Bannner is really cool. The Allens sent their daughter to Art School for this!

#24 You will see rare nativities!

#23. You will meet really nice people who also have the same adiction (For the Record - Judy Klein is not addicted - she doesn't have 4,000 sets yet - that's the qualifited "Adiction status).

#22. You will hear amazing "My Nativity Stories" - Helen Holder, Renee Bushman, Carol Williams, Michael Whalen,and Patty Harringer - she lost 99% of her collection in an Oregon wildfire in 2019.

#21 You will experience excellent information about how nativities are made, where to see collections and the future of Nativity art (Dr. Johanna Junker)

#20. You'll develop close friendship that will last your lifetime.

#19. You will celebrate 20 years as the only collectors group covering the United States and Canada (with connections to the gobal collectors societies).

#18. You'll sing Carols as Banners from our 20 years are presented.

#17. You'll visit some of the most amazing sacred spaces. This year we will travel to one of Oregon's most sacred places - The Grotto!

#16. You will meet Steven Overton - Puppet Master/creator/story teller and more. He has worked with the Hensens, Disney, Sharie Lewis, and Mister Rogers! (that is the short list) - Portland's Puppet Museum will present "Puppets of the World"

#15. You will hear about what's coming next (two future sites are being evaluated by the FOTC Board for presentation in November).

#14 You get to stay in a "brand new" Hotel. Well, mostly new - it's been closed through the Pandemic shortly after opening under a different name. The Hotel Vance Portland: A Tribute Hotel is really nice and VERY close to our convention site.

#13. You'll get valuable information about how different individuals and groups share their collection with others.

#12. You get to try the amazing foods of the Pacific Northwest!

#11 Helen Holder will read her latest Creation (you do know she is an author - right?)

#10. You will learn how blessed we are to have Sydne Yanko Jongbled as our President - AND, she will help you learn to pronouce her name!

#9 You get to buy MORE NATIVITIES. (There will be a few hundred for you to purchase!)

#8. You will get a chance to speak with Michael Whalen - One of the founding members of FOTC - Creche Herald Editor and AVID collector! See Young Michael featured below with his church nativity from back when Jesus was learning to walk...perhaps a slight exaggeration.

#7. IT'S THE PACIFIC NORTWEST FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE! (Mt Hood is featured below - just before snow season)

#6 See Holly Zenger's RARE Pol;ish Nativity collection

#5 Meet Holly Zenger and her sisters! (That should be worth the price of admission)

#4. Visit with Susan Topp Weber (Yes she is bring a few rare Southwest Nativities - AND, she won't be running around working a convention - that's on me this time)

#3 You get to expereince Patty Rokus - aka the Rock Lady - former Corporate Executive - now talented artist, singer, songwriter.

#2 You'll be right in the Theatre district of Portland - it's cool, it's different, it's amazing! Try the Seafood at the local restraunts, experience the churches of downtown Portlandia! The Portland Art Museum is right across the park. The Portland Historical Society is just around the corner and Portland State Univerisity is 4 blocks away!

#1 See the Allen's smiling because you are here enjoying our collection of 30 years!

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