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What Am I Going to Do With All My Sets?

Michelle Devitt

Here’s an idea…..

Many FOTC members are asking themselves ‘what will I do with my collection’? I have laid awake at night puzzling over such dilemma. There aren’t many institutions who have the staff, space or expertise to maintain a specialized collections as we creche collectors have. Even though I’m not bequeathing my collection yet, I am thinning it down in a few ways.

I started giving some of my children’s nativities to friend’s new born babies or as baptism gifts.

Some of my smaller nativities of less value I plan to give to the second grade class as they celebrate first communion. I have given several of my creches to former students as they got married. (I keep the photo as my memory!)

When I take the next step, I will pick sets to donate to my church to offer as a gift to couples getting married. Wouldn’t it be nice for every newly married Christian couple to have a nativity for their home? Many of them wouldn’t think to register for such a gift but I’m hoping it will foster an appreciated tradition they can start in their new family.

When I set up my collection this Christmas I will find more nativities that are ready for new homes. How about you?

If you have been thinking about the future destiny of your creches maybe these ideas will spur on your own “thinning” when the time is near. Blessing creches to others!

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