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Volunteers Behind the Scene

Perhaps you were unaware of our 100% volunteer Organization status. Friends of the Creche depends on all of them.

Perhaps the most recognizable is Michael Whalen (Past-President, Charter member, Creche Herald Editor). Mike lives in Michigan and works out of his upstairs office. Countless hours go into the Creche Herald which will turn 25 years old in 2022. His collection has some unique and unusual pieces. Here are a few

Be sure to drop Michael a note and remind him of your appreciation of his volunteer efforts.

Another person's name you see often is Marilynn Gilispie, She handles all things to do with our registration (recording and sorting). It's an intense and challenging job to say the least, but she always does it with a smile and an excellent eye on all the details. Currently, she is working on a new directory (no easy task). Here she is seeking divine assistance! (oh, and she does have a great sense of humor)

One of our most unsung heroes is our Treasurer. Toni Conway and her family operate a large farming operation in California. Every time I call her, I can almost feel the sense of urgency in their home/office, yet Toni always makes time to go over any questions we have with the budget or checks that need to be mailed. Toni is 100% devoted to FOTC. I'm sure a nice note her way would mean the world to her.

And speaking of tireless volunteerism, Heln Holder our FOTC secretary spends many hours tracking our correspondence and records. Her minutes from our board meetings are always spot on (with only a few minor corrections). Little known fact - Helen is also a published author of Children's books, so she is always writing and rewriting, and of course putting out some of her nearly 1,000 nativities in her home. She will tell you she doesn't need your support, that she is glad to do it, but sometime you should tell her thank you.

(Helen - center front. Toni second from right - second row)

Behind us all is our President Sydne Yanko-Jongbloed. If you had any idea of the number of emails and phone calls she makes on our behalf, you would travel to her California home to pat her on the back. Clear thinking, dedicated, experienced (she has a day job managing a retreat center), and just a "creche-head", Sydne is a great leader for these challenging times.

And I do a few things for FOTC that get lots of attention, but I will tell you honestly, nothing we do with our Webpage or FaceBook page, or Convention work we spent 20 months planning and organizing, would be possible without all of the people we listed above and MANY, MANY, MANY more. Once we are through the Free on-line convention (which requires a registration email request from you), we will switch over to the annual displays - probably virtual and in-person. My shows are offered free of charge in local churches near my home in Beaverton, Oregon, and we are always full go nativity!

Instead of sending me a note - please address your thanks to those I've listed above, they get far too little. Tell them how important they are to all of us!

Here's my Oregon thank you to all of you! Send me some pictures of your latest finds.

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