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A Memorial: Bob Davis

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

Dear Judy,

All those of us who knew Bob had great admiration for him. He was a true gentleman and a noble heart. Meeting him at your side almost twenty years ago left a lasting impression on me and created a spontaneous bond. Those who knew him appreciated his kindness and generosity, his natural and unassuming distinction, and the loving simplicity of his contacts.

Michele Devitt

Dear Judy, you were the passionate and world-traveled collector of beautiful nativities, But you had at your side a husband able to share your passion, and cruise the world with you. He was your gentle manager, the handyman of your own exhibits, but not only. Bob knew beauty, and was able to create it as some of the artifacts in your collection show,

You and Bob donated your precious collection of manger scenes to the Marian Library. In doing so, you were adamant about one thing. This is not the Judy collection, you directed us, but the Bob and Judy Davis Nativity Collection. Indeed, it is the Bob and Judy Davis Nativity Collection, and it will gratefully remain such; and Bob will remain in my and our memory an example of accomplished humanness. 

Michele Devitt, Curatorial Assistant & Volunteer CoordinatorMarian Library University of Dayton 937-229-4213

(Photos included are a portion of the collection Bob and Judy Davis donated to the University of Dayton - Marian Library collection)

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