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Try a fan!

Another great backdrop for your nativity is a fan. A neutral color fan was chosen

since my nativity was brightly painted. I used white glue to keep the fan open by brushing both sides with glue. After it dried in an open position, I cut into a foam piece for the stand. I had to figure it out as I cut, not knowing how deep to go, but the fan kept popping out so I cut deeper and followed the shape of the bottom of the fan.

I didn't like the color of the foam piece so I covered it with paper towel then several layers of torn tissue paper. Mixing half water and half white glue, I brushed each piece of paper down to secure it to the stand.

This hand carved set looks much better with its new backdrop.

If you have a single colored set like white, black, wood tone or glass, try a decorative fan for the background. Instead of foam, a cardboard box or piece of wood could be used to hold up the fan. I used this foam because it was a found object I could upcycle! Enjoy being creative!!

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