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Timeline for Press Release For D.C.

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

Okay, it's time to get those nativities stored - or not. (pictured here is one of the three trips the Allen's took to bring their traveling nativity show home till next year). Please don't ask me about why U-Haul put snakes on their vans.

Many of you are likely to be doing this kind of activity soon, so we wanted you to know that we at Friends of the Creche never stop thinking about next phases. For more than a 2 years we have been thinking, working and lining up our 2023 Convention in Washington D.C.. This is going to be an epic meeting with more nativity viewing than you could ever want or imagine!

Even as you read this blog post our D.C. Convention team is working OT to make this an historic event in an historic year. (2023 is the 800th anniversary of Francis of Assisi's historic display of a live nativity!!!). They are double checking thousands of details in an ever changing reality we've all been dealing with for the past several years.

After the last minute details are completed the Convention Team will be releasing prices. registrations, and tons! of details via our website. We highly anticipate that work being completed by early February.

Once the news hits the website we will post the link on our Conventions/Meeting page, on our blogs and also on our Facebook page. We highly recommend you signup as quickly as possible as we expect t this convention to hit our 250 attendee goal. Note: Those details will be released early February.

Once you register for our first Convention in since Santa Fe 2019 (St. Simmons Island was an "Annual Meeting") you will also be offered a link to the Mayflower Hotel. We will be locking in an equally historic rate (lower than my knees bend is my guess). Our website will again be updated to give you all the information you will ever need to attend.

So, with the clock ticking down, here's your check list.

#1 Watch for the Press Release in Early February

#2 Crack that Piggy Bank open and sign up!

#3 CLEAR YOUR CALENDAR AND START PACKING!!! - Perhaps you might want to get an airplane ticket too!

My head is already in the clouds!

Neil Allen - webmaster Friends of the Creche.

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