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Thrift Store Nativities

January and February are great times to find bargain nativities, and some of the most amazing ones come from the Thrift Store (a.k.a. Goodwill, Bargain Bins, The Closet).

Here are a few from some of our avid collectors. If you have a few to share, send us a SHORT blurb.

Hard to believe this one survived.

Okay, I cheated for this one: Charles and Norma Hull sold this to me at the FOTC Convention. They were downsizing.

Post War Italian. Cost $5.

Yep, it's from Oberamergau! This Thrift Store wonder was purchased in Michigan! Neil Allen

Not exactly a thrift store purchase…it was a gift from my niece. She got it for free from someone who didn’t know that it is a Kubasta. Helen Holder

Not sure the creator meant this to be a nativity, but we saw it  in the window of a antique/thrift store for $10. It is about 10” tall, very rough clay.  Helen Holder

Carol Williams

Carol Williams

Carol Williams

Neil Allen.

Carol Williams

Carol Williams

Carol Williams

Carol Willams

Carol Williams

And this German Style lighted silhouette cost all of .49. Found in Seattle Goodwill bins.

.99 cents! Michelle Devitt. (just the nativity - not Michelle!)

Michelle says this one is $1.99

From the Ohio Toy Factory. Michelle Devitt.

Is this Thrift Store find amazing! Michelle Devitt.

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