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The Phones Are Ringing!

Activity at Friends of the Creche has been fast and furious in the past 2 months. We receive posts and questions from many directions. First it was the Annual Business meeting and a Hurricane trying to disturb our stalwart collectors from their first meeting in three years. We produced a flyer and encouraged our members to print them and hand them out. The Winter edition of the Creche Herald hit their press deadline and members starting getting the latest edition. That lead to new questions. Then we had post pictures and new blogs following the event on St Simmons Island. That lead to new activity from people discovering the organization. Sadly, a mother daughter team of collectors in Georgia only discovered us AFTER our annual meeting just a few miles down the road. After a lengthy conversation we encouraged Wendy Hayman's (daughter) to post a few pictures from their first big event, which lead to yet another and VERY important question.

Wendy asks our members "How can we make this event even better?"

These are a few pictures from our nativity event this past weekend. Thanks for posting the event that was in Fayetteville, GA.



PS: Wendy and her mother plan to attend the Convention in DC!!! I can't wait to see their excitement!

Leave a message to Wendy below.

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