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The Naked Truth

Neil Allen - Webmaster

This “Nativity” (hardly that) was purchased at Ikea a few years ago with the idea that someone would see it and volunteer to make a set of clothes for it.

As of this writing I’m still awaiting my Seamstress in Shining Armor.

As I was thinking about this today, I’m wondering about all those unfinished Nativity projects, like the poultry netting angel I made but never coated it with paper machete, or the origami set I finally pitched after years of improving it…yes, it wasn’t up to my expectations.

This naked nativity keeps calling to me, so I must either do something about it or move on.

One of my thoughts (as this is the convention year in Portland, Oregon) was do create clothing out of scraps of Pendleton shirts and blankets, but I’m not a seamstress in any shape, or form, and my essential tremors keep me from following through on projects requiring fine motor skills.

And if you have thought to yourself, “I’ll bet he’s trying to ask me for help on this project” you would be wrong…I’m flat out begging, and that’s the naked truth.

Neil Allen – aka the Nativity Idea Guy

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