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The Mystery Nativities.

These two nativities have style similarities and appear to be hand made from wire, metal and beads. I would love it if any of you can tell me about the nativities. Both were Christmas gifts in 2015 from a friend who purchased them in a gift shop in Reno, NV in 2015. My friend did not know who made the nativities or where they were made.

At the 2019 Friends of the Creche  convention in Santa Fe, NM, I saw another larger very similar nativity on one of the house tours. The owner told me that her nativity was also a gift and she knew nothing about it.

On an internet search a couple of years ago, I saw another similar nativity being sold by Jeremy’s Designs, located in Atlanta, GA.  Their web site stated that the company sold gift items made in various places, including Haiti and the Philippines. Attempts to reach staff at Jeremie Designs failed.

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