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Silent Auction

By Michael Whalen

Always a challenge what to bring to the silent auctions at our conventions. Most of us are always on the prowl for some country not represented in our collections but even more so than that, perhaps something not easily attainable stateside so we know it might bring a good price and help fill the FOTC treasury for the next couple of years.

, stable, kings, shepherds etc and matched them with two nativity mugs and you have a hit. Two seasons ago, Menards sold candy in tins looking like books that fit on a shelf very nicely.  Best was that you could fill it with anything you desired. Keep an eye this time around and see what people are most interested in bidding on and what may be their reason for doing so.  Another thing comes to mind was matching a 24 drawer advent calendar picked up at MIchaels after Christmas for a "carol" and finding some authentic French feves ( little figures about 1.5 inch in length) and putting one in each drawer so that on Christmas day you had a complete set of feves suitable for baking into that Epiphany  cake. 

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