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Updated: Jul 7, 2019

July 2019

My Favorite Nativity

Helen Holder

It takes me more than 3 weeks to get my display set up. Two couches get boards placed on their arms to make more flat surfaces. Books get removed from the shelves and stacked on the couch boards. All the usual knick-knacks get put in drawers. 

What fun to take out the pieces and stir up memories of people and places! There is pleasure in arranging individual figures just so and deciding which set should be in which place. 

But what then? Sharing, of course! We invite people in. I contact area newspapers and the radio station to be added to their lists of Christmas activities. We pass out invitations wherever we go.

People tend to have one mental picture when they hear “nativity set”. They are amazed that there is such a variety of styles and materials. Some are impressed with the number of sets they see. Some are impressed that someone would put a scene in a watermelon seed. Some are impressed with simplicity or complexity. 

Opinions are expressed about what sets are “right” or “beautiful” or “ugly” or “funny.” People share memories of what sets they had when they were children. I get descriptions of special sets that people have in their homes. And the most common question is: Which one is your favorite? This one made by family members is “My Favorite Nativity."

Plans are made to come back again, bringing friends or family members that stayed home this time.

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