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Santa Gets a Gift

I always leave a comment table out and I generally get many nice thoughts. One said, "Seeing all the nativities is like getting a spiritual vitamin C boost." Another wrote "Thank you for sharing your sets and stories! We enjoyed our time."

Comments like those keep me going when the muscles are sore, the sleep too short, and the hours a bit too long. But the greatest stories come from the mouth. People express their "Wow" and ask questions like "Where did you keep all of them?"

Most of my collector friends are considering downsizing as it makes room for upsizing and also helps increase quality over quantity, and the fact that our children have given us the ultimate warning expressing their fear of getting them when we die. So, I've been putting out 20-40 as a gift and even reached up into the display to offer a special set to a special person.

One such event happened last evening. A right jolly old soul wandered in to the collection. I noted his full beard and tiny spectacles pulled down on his nose. Of course I asked if he had filled in for Santa a time or two, and he said, "Yes." and told me of the historic site where he welcomed children and heard their Christmas wishes. We got into a wonderful conversation about how children see the season and how he was always careful to look the kids in the eyes to see if they are afraid or excited to see him. He said, "I never approach them. I think they need to make their own decisions about how to react."

As time when on, It became clear to me I wanted to give him something as he had given so much to so many. So, with him being Santa Claus I had to "sit" (not really for fear of injuring the kind soul) on his lap.

Here's a close up of what I gave him.

I never thought it would be so much fun to give a gift to Santa.

Neil Allen

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