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Rhode Island Meeting Postponed

Dear Friends of the Creche,

It is with great sadness we announce our decision to postpone the 2020 Annual Meeting in Rhode Island till a future possible date.  Due to the pandemic we are all facing, both the safety of our members, and the ability to gather and travel were in serious doubt.   The RI planning committee and the Board of the FOTC decided it was not in our membership's best interest of health and well-being to meet.

We are currently making plans to meet virtually and a team is working to host this virtual event that will be both enriching and allow us to conduct the business required under our by-laws (for by-laws, see website).  .The meeting will most probably be done in the Zoom format.  We encourage you to add Zoom to your computers if you have not yet done so.  It is a free app.

An announcement will be made about how you may participate in that event.  Please email me (qulltsails@cox.net) with any questions or concerns you may have. As of this moment, our Board has instructed our treasurer to return all registration monies we currently hold.  Those registered will soon receive their complete refund..  Again, if you have questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact us about anything related to the RI meeting. At this point we are hopeful to meet face-to-face in Portland, Oregon in November, 2021  Our Portland Organizers are hard at work and have made some wonderful arrangements, many of which are in a state of flux given the spread of Covid-19 and the ever changing landscape of how to remain safe.  If all is well in the future, we will post the registration for the Portland Convention early in 2021.  As you may be aware 2020 is the 20th anniversary of the Friends of the Creche,  an important milestone in our organization.  It's existence has been successful due to your membership and participation.  We hope that you will continue to join us in whatever format we may meet as we celebrate the Nativity.    

As of now, our entire Board of Directors wish you all good health and a blessed Nativity season.  Be well, Sydne, FOTC President. and the FOTC Board of Directors

Sydne Yanko-Jongbloed Conference Coordinator                                                                               310-802-6376    www.maryjoseph.org      

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