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Registration for D.C. Convention

Updated: May 27, 2023

In a stunning flurry of registrations over the past weeks, we reached capacity at 150 persons for the D.C. Assembly months ahead of schedule.. HOWEVER, due to the overwhelming response we've added 10 additional openings, with some limited hotel rooms still available.

In an interview with Shelly Crespo, D.C. Assembly chair, she said, "We certainly didn't see that coming...but we had nothing to base it off of."

After two years+ of COVID-19, and a dramatic shift to a December Convention the board was concerned about this years gathering in D.C.. The 2020 Annual Meeting in Newport, and the 2021 Convention slated for Portland, Oregon both shifting to online events no one had any idea how our membership would respond in a post-covid era.

(Polish "Flight to Egypt" From Holly Zenger's Collection)

Capping the registrations at 150 just two months ago felt like the safe way to approach the Convention. Rather than over-extending ourselves, and with only 80 people signed up, the Board recommended a 150 cap and called on a two pronged approach to reach the 150 deadline by September. Members were contacted directly by our Board and the Social Media team started posting at a rapid pace.

In less than 8 weeks we filled to capacity and are now able to open 10 additional spots (and no, there will be no extensions beyond that number).

This means our buses will be at capacity, our hotel rooms had to be renegotiated several times, and a waiting list will be added when those 10 spaces are filled.

Here is what you need to do - spread the word that registrations will close, and hotel spaces will not be available once that happens.

Also, if you are attempting to register for one of the remaining openings and you run into any complications be sure to contact us immediately!

We are looking forward to a great Convention in our nation's capital. Get. your tickets booked ASAP.

See you in D.C.!

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