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Questions from the FOTCWebmaster

No doubt you have a special story about how you became a collector. Ever think about sharing it? We would love to tell your story here.

Do you have a special set - that one of a kind set that everyone loves? Could you share a picture with us?

Have you ever visited another collector's display? What did you see that inspired you? Tell us your experience?

Why do you collect?

What are you looking for?

Have you ever made your own set? Where did you get the inspiration? What symbolism is imbedded in your creation? People love to hear your stories. Send them to us!

Have you ever wondered about a set you've seen or own? Would you like to ask your questions here?

This one of a kind nativity featured above was created by my daughter as a gift. To my knowledge, it is the only tilt-a-whirl nativity in the world. It plays and spins, just like my mind when I see a new set to fall in love with.

Plese email us some answers to our questions. We'd really love to tell your story, or help you find answers too.

Picture featured is from Holy Zenger's collection. Holly, could you please tell us about that one?

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