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Original Members of FOTC

Rita Bocher

In 2021 the Friends of the Creche Organization will celebrate 20 years of gatherings.

What you may not know is the Creche Herald is even older. In 2022, CH will reach 25 years. Rita Bocher was around from the beginning of both. She will share a bigger story about how she started the Newsletter, but for this post, we want to record who was there at the beginning of Friends of the Creche.

These are the people who signed in. Not all became active, but these were the people who were there in 2001.

M. Jay Bullock;

Frederick Cole

Julie and Dave Colflesh

Rev. Roy Ledbetter

Mike Whalen

Carol Reifinger

Karl Fluck

Brother Bob Reinke

Rev. Johann G. Roten

Marjorie Yefchak

Mary & Frank Herzel

Rita & Herman (Bud) Bocher

It was Fred Cole who made the arrangements for us to meet at the Central Moravian Church

Naturally, there were many more who were not able to be present (me included - Neil Allen), but we want to remember these devoted collectors who played an important role in kicking our group off to a great start.

Unfortunately, there were no photos taken at that event (unless we are unaware), so I put one of Michael Whalen's sets here (he was there!)

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