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Nativity Pandemic Effect : Helen Holder

Who would have thought it would be hard to set up fewer sets than the 950 I usually set up? Just like most of 2020 there was a lot of uncertainty about the process of setting up a display. Two rooms were used instead of 5. If a particular set was usually in the kitchen, this year it would have to be in the living room. But should I put it in this spot where some other scene was set up last year? What if that scene is in the next box I bring upstairs? Should I save particular spots for particular sets? Only boxes we could easily get to were used. Parts of some sets were in a reachable box, but the rest of the set was not. I had to decide whether to display the set missing a stable, a wise man or a shepherd for the sheep. The display for this year wasn’t shared with busloads of tourists or with a city-wide open house. One family group at a time and only by appointment resulted in lots less people coming to visit, but the joy of celebrating Christmas and sharing nativities was still there.

My Desk BEFORE the COVID-19 diet: 200 sets

My Desk AFTER the COVID-19 diet: 50 sets

Helen Holder

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