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My Nativity Story: Janice McDowell

I had always loved Nativities. One of these images is the ceramic ornaments we put on our tree when I was a child. I always begged to be the one to hang these (I have a lot of siblings). This is the only thing I asked for when my Mom was in hospice.

When I was serving a religious mission in Honduras, my sister asked for me to bring one home. She told me she was collecting and that sparked the idea. Well, she didn't like the corn husk one that I brought home so it technically was my first one.

The first 4-5 years were a little crazy. I would buy any creche that I could afford which I felt was a unique design.

Then...I started moving around with the Air Force. I realized I needed to be selective as to which ones I bought. I restricted myself to getting a new one from each state or country that I visited. If I was in a foreign country, I tried to find one representing that culture. I would also focus on different materials (CA is made from driftwood, KY is made from coal, etc). However, there have been times when I broke that restriction if I found a truly unique one such as being made from railroad ties.

I really love any that shows an artist's interpretation.

Janice McDowell

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