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My Nativity Story: Charles Hull

At an early age I dabbled in learning how to crochet, being taught by my mother. But for many years I put that skill behind me. A number of years ago I again sharpened my skill to make baby blankets for a mission project at the church I was attending. My skills branched out from there to include scarves, shawls, baskets, and other crocheted items. I now have many patterns from which to choose my next project.

The Pastor that was serving our congregation at the time requested that a special communion table be made to sit in the chancel area. This beautiful table had no cover to match our paraments. As a project, I decided to make a filet style edge for this table, one side for regular Sundays and one side for communion Sundays. Those coverings are pictured here.

Some time later the ladies of the church made blue paraments for the Advent season. They were plain and had no symbols. Therefore I decided to make matching overlays for the pulpit and lectern covers. They are shown here.

My wife, Norma, (she knits) and I began a seasonal hobby of going to fall and winter craft shows to sell our hats, scarves, shawls, Christmas stockings, etc. However, when Covid-19 hit us, all of the craft shows were cancelled. Having a rather large inventory of items I didn’t want to make more until we could return to selling our work. Therefore I needed a project to fill my idle time. Of course my thoughts turned to the nativity and my patterns. I found one that caught my eye and I ordered the supplies to complete the project. After working at it for a couple of months and finding a friend to help with the backing, I have completed this 60” long by 40” high filet style wall hanging.

My hope is that this will hang in our sanctuary during the Advent/Christmas season. And I hope you enjoy seeing it as much as I enjoyed making it.

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