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Museum of the Bible

The Museum of the Bible has something to offer to a wide range of visitors. Whether you are inspired by faith, history or archaeology, you will likely find something of interest on its 6 floors.

Permanent exhibits focus on the history and stories of the Bible, and include both original artifacts and high-quality facsimiles. The current Special Exhibits include artifacts and facsimiles on loan from the Israel Antiquities Authority and the Vatican Museums and Library. In December 2023, The Museum will again display a large Nativity handcrafted in Malta, winner of a 2020 competition sponsored by the Museum.

The spacious Entry Hall will be decorated for the holiday, and will house a Christmas Market with an expanded offering of Nativities. (Yes, they know we are coming!) The Museum Shop offers shipping, but cannot guarantee arrival before Christmas, given the date of our visit.

The Museum also has an airy café with seating on the Mezzanine directly above the Christmas Market for those who are seeking a break in the action.

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