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More miniatures...

I mentioned in a previous blog that I would share more miniature nativities. Sometimes we don't realize how hard it is to make tiny things that look good. It is amazing that miniatures can be made out of all types of materials under skilled hands. Here are three nativities made in half a walnut shell. These are about an inch and a half tall, and the figures inside are made of different materials.

This colorful Latino nativity from is made of clay and painted in detail with expressive eyes. The little sheep is about 1/4" and the ox is 1/3" in size. The painted background adds a good contrast to the figures. Besides color, paint can add detail that is difficult to sculpt and tests the steady hand of the artist.

This piece is all plastic, including the walnut shell, decorative edging and all figures. Liquid plastic is poured into a mold so greater detail is obtained in a mass produced piece. In order to identify what material a piece is made of, I tap it on my front tooth and can usually tell by the sound it makes what the material is. Try it sometime and tap plastic, clay, glass, wood, and a soft material on your

tooth and you will learn the difference in the sounds you hear. It may help you to identify materials. Some of the newer nativities are made out of composite materials and this can be a combination of materials mixed with an adhesive or resin. These are harder to identify but sound a little heavier than plastic.

The third walnut nativity is carved wood from Germany. Mary and Joseph were turned on a lathe and their smooth texture contrasts the rough interior of the walnut in a monochromatic scheme. The paper veil on Mary adds a nice detail. Jesus is painted on the crib with a simple yellow blanket and pink dot for his head.

Each is beautiful in its own way!

If you have a different walnut nativity please share a blog and photos with us!

And I have several more miniatures coming in the next blog...........

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