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Miniature Metal Mangers

All of these miniatures are made of metal. The square silver piece is a poured

mass produced nativity with the Holy Family and an ox and ass. Highlights of gold are the result of polishing the metal.

Photographing with a ruler in the background helps to see the size of each piece.

The 1" painted metal three piece nativity is extremely detailed and its beautiful painting is impeccable. Jesus is about 1/3". The kings arrive with one of them riding on a camel. The shepherd and sheep represent all of us, coming to see Baby Jesus and receive the blessings of His incarnation.

This bullet is from San Marino, a microstate and country nestled in the middle of Italy. The half inch holy family is tucked inside a niche where a piece of the metal bullet was cut and removed. I found this at a gift shop in the castle at the top of Mount Titano, overlooking the 23 sq miles that make up San Marino.

On the green marble is another 1/2" version of the holy family. After it is cast some grinding and sanding with small tools finishes the piece.

This is a thimble with a hinged door. Once opened, a sweet rendering of Mary bent over the crib is tenderly touching the face of Jesus, offering a mother's care. The star painted on the top shows a great use of available space to decorate. I'm always amazed at the detail and thought that goes in to an artist's expression of the power of love. Jesus was the ultimate gift of love.

Written by Michele Devitt

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