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Members make Members

Marilynn Gillespie reported our membership numbers spiked in 2019 to 404 persons! That is the highest total membership we've had in a decade!

She also said our membership numbers dropped by 1/4th after the Santa Fe convention. 70 first time attendees and therefore members did not renew their membership in Friends of the Creche.

So, the news is mixed but here's the REALLY GOOD NEWS!: When asked "How did you discover Friends of the Creche?" an overwhelming majority named specific people! This indicates our best advertisement for our organization continues to be our current membership.

Since our low point of 271 members in 2015, FOTC has grown significantly!

Through local showings such st the one feature below from Judy Klein, we make an impact on folks.

Keep spreading the news! These awesome collections are a huge blessing that need to be shared!

Oh, and thanks. Through your social media connections and personal contact, we are reaching many more folks than our FOTC membership. My personal FB page "Nativity Collections" - I reach about 400 contacts every month, and sometimes much more.

Be sure to tell folks about the webpage too! It's a joy to hear new folks getting to know us.

Your FOTC Webmaster - Neil Allen

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