• Neil Allen

Letters of Love

Here's just one of the many positive notes from our membership regarding the 2020 first Annual Meeting via zoom. This note from a long time member and leader - James Govan - captures the essence of the other notes.

(another from Margo Dixon's collection!)

Sydne-----Congrats to you and the folks who put together yesterday's zoom meeting....a great success!! Thank you for your efforts and leadership. And thank you to all who put the effort together. I thought it was not only successful technically but also for the program--I enjoyed the presentations by the speakers and the member collectors. I thought it was wonderful!

I was also happy because I was able to connect with FOTC after some time of missing our gatherings which I've been unable to do for differing reasons. I was happy and proud to see FOTC carrying on after twenty years. And life has been so difficult for all of us this year, it was heartening to be focused on the birth of the Christ Child.....our Savior.

I hope all of you are able to enjoy Thanksgiving in some manner....that you all stay safe and well.

God Bless...Jim

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