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Least Expected Nativity Display

If you don't know Helen (FOTC Secretary) and Bill Holder (Nativity enabler) you may not know something rather important about her collection - It's near the Spam Museum.

Yes, you heard me correctly. There is a Spam Museum!

Now, if you were thinking I might be posting a picture of a Spam Nativity just relax, I would never consider doing such a thing....though I did indeed have a mental picture just now.

No, the interesting part that intersects the Spam Museum and Friends of the Creche, and how I often introduce Helen, is how one might find her display in Austen, Minnesota. "Just go to the Spam Museum and ask for directions."

That's also is not why I'm posting this blog today. The real reason is what one finds when they visit the Spam Museum in December.

Helen writes, There’s even a nativity on display in the Spam Museum! The Spambassadors came to see my collection on Monday so today I am packing up—as I will be for the next week. Helen Holder"

So the next time you are in Austen in the month of December (BTW, it's not exactly tourist season in Minnesota), stop in and see their latest display then ask how to get to Helen and Bill's house!

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