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How Can You Help Friends of the Creche?

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

Our FOTC board met in April and, as expected, one of the business items from a 2 year Covid-19/no in-person convention-annual meeting cycle, our membership has dropped a bit (about 10% or so). The good news? Our Annual Face-to-Face Meeting in Georgia is gaining traction. We hope to add new members with this event after a long hiatus.

As the board lamented our lost momentum due to no in-person meetings, we began to think about how to engage folks and possibly add members.

Want to help build our membership?

Help Tip #1 -Register for the upcoming annual meeting. First go on to our new registration page. You can scan through it even before you sign up! Here's the link: You don't have to sign up today - but give it a good look over. It's the best registration page we've ever created. Much thanks to our Webteam - Especially Shelly Crespo!!! Send her a THANK YOU!!!

Here's a glimpse of the life-size nativity which will be on display!

Help Tip #2 - Read our Facebook page. It takes massive effort to keep it fresh and it's always an incentive when you leave a note to us, or share pictures - however, FaceBook is a bit tricky on burying visitor posts - so send me a note at and let me know you've done so, I can move it to the active page easily.

Help Tip #3 - Check out our new and improved webpage - well actually, if you are reading this blog - you are probably already doing that. Let us know what you think! An ego boost, new ideas, and needed corrections are always welcomed.

Help Tip #4 - Send the link to our webpage to your friends and family. We don't sell anything other than our annual membership. We appreciate your help. I'm sure you know lots of others that enjoy nativities. Tell them about us.

Here's a simple nativity with smiling faces - just to give you an idea about how happy others will feel when they discover FOTC.

Help Tip#5 - Print our brochure. Here's the link to it: Much thanks to Frank Walkinshaw from Canada for a massive effort to get this published. Share the brochure with your friends and family or copy/paste this on your FaceBook/Instagram or other social media pages. Spread the word.

Help Tip #6 - Send us your pictures. We ALWAYS need pictures. We will only share names and faces if you allow us to do so, and we can edit too.

Here's one from our new Assistant Webmaster - Phillip Garding. BTW - I've always wanted one of these sets. They are amazingly beautiful.

Help Tip #7 - Don't forget your annual membership. Each year we have folks like me that forget - Marilynn will send a notice - but help us save money - send it in before you get the notice. Oh, and if you send Marilynn a nice note, it really makes her day (BTW, she didn't ask me to say that - but - THANKS MARILYNN!! You do an awesome job.)

Can you think of other ways to help us out? - Let us know by leaving a comment.

Webmaster - Neil Allen

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