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Great Idea From a Creche Lover

Carol Waldo writes:

This year I had the idea to drop an anonymous Christmas card at the door of people who display a nativity in their yard. In the card, I simply write I appreciate their display and wish them a very Merry Christmas. It’s been a lot of fun for us to be on look out for this and to bless people anonymously. I shared idea with a friend and she is doing it in her city as well. 😊

She also cautioned me to remind you that it is illegal to put things in other people's mail box, so just leave it on the porch.

While Carol is not yet a member of FOTC, we did encourage her to consider it, as she also asked about a German set, as seen below.

Creche Herald Editor Michael Whalen responded to her with the following.

Hi, PLease forward to Ms. Waldo And I am thrilled to think we have another potential member right here in Michigan. If you are willing to share a snail mail address, I would be very happy to send you a complimentary copy of our newsletter, Creche Herald, which I currently edit. Of course, we can boast that Wally Bronner was a member of our society too. In regards to the figures, in my very humble opinion maybe pre war. You might want to check out this site of the Marolin Company in Germany that went back into business after the fall of the Berlin Wall and makes new versions of those old paper mache figures. My first set I purchased at a dime store had similar base and made of paper mache but were stamped made in the US zone of Germany in the 50s. See attached pic. This is the link to their site with lots of good pics and information might shed some more precise info. MIke Whalen https://www.marolin.de/en

I'm sure Carol would love to her about why you are a member. Add your responses to this blog. Thanks.
Now, I need to write some Christmas Card to

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