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Great Appreication Leads to a Great Collection

I had a great conversation with an avid collector recently. Ilene Hoffmann. I asked her to send some pictures. When I got them, I realized she has a great eye for beautiful sets. As the title to this blog suggests, I think Ilene has a great appreciation for beautiful art. I love her sense of diversity all borne in uniqueness and wonder.

Ilene invites you to her home

111 W 430 N

Pleasant View, UT 84414

Call for Appointment 801-589-8840

Here's a few of what you'll see with Ilene's comments below each picture.

An LP vinyl record - laser cut with a beautiful nativity. Also, the clock works.

his small nativity is made in Chile from the mane of a horse. The hair is dyed and very intricately woven.

This 8x10 plaque is from Pompeii, Italy made from lava rock and amatite.

I ordered this Nativity from Ukraine on February 23 and then the war started on the 24th. I knew I might never receive it.

I learned that the postmaster was a VIP in Ukraine - very powerful. He had 17,000 post offices throughout their country and many people working for him. He taught some Ukrainians how to use eBay and other online sites to sell their beautifully made pieces. So excited when I received it a month later!!!

These on the left are from the Caribbean islands and South Pacific and the right bookcase are from Africa and Egypt.

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