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From our European Friends

Dear Italian friends, dear friends from the Iberian Peninsula and the other countries affected by the pandemic,

today,onSaint Joseph's Day, we remember the wonderful congress that took place in Bergamo – a city that is currently facing a serious threat together with all of Italy and other parts of Europeand the whole world. We are watching the news with concern and hope that our friends are all out of danger. The crib is an expression of warmth and closeness. God becomes a human being to be close to us. Closeness is the materializationof our "Conditio humana". And that's why it's so difficult for us not to be together with those we love so much. We have to show our love through the distance. And thatmakes us hurt. With these words we would liketo express that – spiritually – we are close to you,in our thoughts andthroughour prayers.

May God protectyouat the intercession of Saint Joseph!

Aois Döring, Caroline Weber, Michael Vogt

Landesgemeinschaft der Krippenfreunde in Rheinland und Westfalen e. V.

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