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Friends of the Creche Goes Digital

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

Catchy title - but not exactly the truth - Friends of the Creche has been digital for many years. Facebook, email, Webpages have been working for FOTC and have increased lately.

So why the title? Easy, we are now able to offer digital registrations and payments online. But no worries for the folks that still like the mail/check option. We will still offer those modes.

Entering into a new world for some might raise their anxiety, so we want to let you know we have secured our webpages and credit with several layers of protection.

The Technical Part: Our websites are https which is a higher level of security than the http websites. You will find a lock icon next to the url (our web address). That shows we are a secure site. How this works is through encryption of our signal, making it harder to hack. This works with an SSL (Secure Socket layer) which ensure the user - you and the webpage (us) a secure link so no data is vulnerable to being stolen. Also, most credit cards come with a third layer of protection - ensuring you the consumer don't pay for unauthorized purchases.

That all means we have taken precautions to ensure your safety.

Having said all that here's a good way to check out how this all works

Click on the link below to see our new option for your annual Friends of the Creche membership registration.

Note: This link will take you to a new site we've just opened called "Events Create" - They also offer those same layers of security.

Note how easily we can collect, organize and store your data how you want it stored.

Now, if you wish you can enter a second new offering from Friends of the Creche. Here is our brand new registration for the upcoming meeting in Georgia this fall.

Here you will discover lots of information AND be able to register too! We've already given it a trial run and all the board found it easy with lots of great information. (Note: you don't HAVE to register by opening this link. You can just look/see for yourself and come back when you are ready).

Wasn't that fun?!

But wait there's more - after our first event page is up and running we're ALREADY working on the 2023 Convention in Washington, DC. That's going to be epic. for the past many months our volunteers have worked day and night to make that experience as affordable and as exciting as possible.

Fear not, we are not abandoning the old school paper, pen, check, mail system. You can still do that the same way as previous years. We just want to open up to a new generation of internet users that grows every day/week/Year.

Feedback is always welcome. We'd love to hear from you.

Oh, and keep us informed about your latest nativities! We'd love to hear about that most of all. Here's a set I found recently that had never been opened by the original owner - you might say it's a new/old set...enjoy.

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