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Fr Roten Blog #5 & Special Announcement: Colombia

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

Tree Ballet Paula Cuellar of Personitas de Colección (Bogotá)

Paula Cuellar of Personitas de Colección (Bogotá) creates magic with childlike faces of hand-painted ceramic, and figures richly clothed in suede and leather. Magic begets delight—a child's delight—when Arlequin and Alejo, the angel, the mime called Marcel, and Rosa la Primorosa and Margarita de la Suerte perform a ballet in the tree

Reprinted with Permission - University of Dayton, Marian Library Collection. All rights reserved.

Special announcement!


We are Amigos del Pesebre o Friends of the Creche of Colombia. We used to be part of Taller del Pesebre, and now we are two societies in our city, sharing the same passion for the creche.

The next august 19 at 9am, Colombian time, we are going to have an international conference  (Zoom), from Spain with two masters "Belenistas"(creche makers) Manuel Salado and Ramon Garcia, from Jerez de la Frontera, andalucia, Spain The conference of two hours wil be held in Spanish. If someone is interested, we will send you  information next week (Gloria Ortega is in charge of the conference). We have been following you in the internet page and also remember that I wrote in 2016 to Michael Whalen, the editor of the Creche Herald and he published an article about The creche in Colombia, as well we published it in our magazine.  Please send my regards to him Libardo Botero

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