• Neil Allen

Fr Roten Blog #29: Argentina

A Matter of the Heart Mario and Miguel Mendoza

This nativity set was made by two brothers from San Salvador of Jujuy. Jujuy is the northern most province of Argentina. Inca influence and Hispanic culture gave this region a remarkable wealth of art and music. The Mendoza brothers, ceramic artists of renown, have made it their task to reproduce in ceramic some of the major features of the local Jujuy culture. The figures in this manger scene are rendered in the colorful costumes of the Jujuy Indios. Mary and Joseph are stills of awe and reverence. Putting the right hand on their heart, they let it be known that for them, Christmas is truly a matter of the heart. Unthinkable as it may be for an Indio woman, even her hat has come off in praise of the child.

Reprinted with permission: University of Dayton - Marian Library Collection. All rights reserved.

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